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Welcome to Dental Clinic

ADDISON DENTAL ASSOCIATES HAS BEEEN SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE THE 50’s. DR MARYANNE M. MICHAELS has been working there 18 years. Addison Dental Associate is keen to community care. We have been located in the same property after renovation and unlike other dentist offices that refer out for surgeries and other work, we fulfill almost every need within our office. We take pride in being an experienced association that understands and cares about the needs of our clients.Our staff is dedicated to having superior customer service and our office promotes a family like environment.

Our Advantages

0 The Quality of Used Medical Materials
0 A Full Range of Dental Services
0 Dental Implants-New Teeth in One Day
0 Modern Methods of Teeth Straightening
0 Loyalty Discounts of Regular Customers

Meet Our Team

Lisa T

Head Dental Assistant